Hi and welcome to my site.

I’m a contract application developer living in Munich, working for clients all around mainland Europe, using a combination of the excellent Perl programming language within LAMP systems, including PHP. Applications are built, or extended, in an object-oriented style, using an RDBMS (SQL database), usually but not exclusively on Un*x systems. My preferred method of operation is via remote work using SSH, a style of working which can be very productive given the right balance of specifications and feedback, backed up of course by an appropriate version control system.

In my allegedly copious spare time, alongside raising two marvelous daughters, written a few books on various subjects including programming, contributed to the perl community via the usual channels, and am a founding member of the YAPC::Europe Foundation. Occasionally I manage to indulge in a little timeout on the side, spending quality time with my crazy dog in the alps..

Feel free to browse and to connect.